Sleep is More Important to Your Wellbeing Than the Amount You Earn

How much sleep should I get?

To maintain a healthy weight Poor sleep disrupts the appetite and satiety hormones Leptin and Ghrelin, causing us to crave more sugary food, eat more and gain weight. To strengthen your immune system Regularly sleeping less than 6 hours sleep per night increases our risk of catching the common cold by 4.5 times, as well as increasing the time taken to recover.

Get Beautiful Hair While You Sleep with Overnight Hairstyling

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As we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, these hours of rest are prime for multitasking. One such task you can accomplish during your daily sleep is overnight hairstyling. Women – particularly those with long hair – report spending as much as 55 minutes on morning hair and cosmetic routines, devoting up to twenty-five minutes of that time to using damaging heat hairstyling tools. To save your locks from heat damage, as well as some time in your mornings, consider styling and prepping almost dry hair before bed.

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More Sleep for Your Job Will Prevent Sleeping On the Job

Health & Wellness: More sleep for your job will prevent sleeping on the job

Are you looking for a secret to better organizational skills, improved communication and decision-making skills, and a way to be more popular with coworkers? If you are falling short on being better at business, it’s time to hit the sack. Studies show that 40 percent of adults experience daytime sleepiness severe enough to interfere with daily activities.

What Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Clean Sleeping’ (and Should You Be Doing It)?

What is ‘clean sleeping’ and should you be doing it?

Let our news meet your inbox. SIGN UP When it comes to health and wellness, advice from Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow’s “modern lifestyle” brand) has danced somewhat casually across the line of being scientifically sound. The benefits of growing your own, fresh herbs? Yes. Sticking a jade egg up your vagina for better sex?

The Cure for Insomnia is to Fall in Love with Sleep Again

The cure for insomnia is to fall in love with sleep again – Rubin Naiman | Aeon Essays

In Evelyn De Morgan’s numinous painting, Night and Sleep (1878), Nyx, the mighty Greek goddess of night, hovers across a dusky sky with her beloved son Hypnos, the sweet-natured god of sleep. The painting and the Greek gods it captures depict a radically different way of understanding and relating to sleep.