How to Fall Asleep and Why We Need More

Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life ‘In An Underslept State’

MCKIBILLO/Getty Images/Imagezoo The National Sleep Foundation recommends an average of eight hours of sleep per night for adults, but sleep scientist Matthew Walker says that too many people are falling short of the mark. “Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain,” Walker says.

Top Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep and Improve Your Health

Top tips to get a better night’s sleep and improve your health

It is becoming increasingly clear that getting enough sleep is vital for our physical and mental well-being. Now, sleep scientist Matthew Walker and others have shown how getting enough sleep is also one of the most important things you can do to protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

What Does It Mean When We Talk In Our Sleep?

What does it mean when we talk in our sleep?

What horrors lurk in our subconscious? According to a new French study – believed to be the largest into the subject – on sleep-talking and what we say when we’re asleep, researchers found the most commonly used word is “no”, and the French swearword “putain” occurred, reports the Times, “800 times more often in sleep than when awake”.

What to Eat, and What Not to Eat, for a Good Night’s Rest

What to eat, and what not to eat, for a good night’s sleep

How well you sleep can have a significant impact on your overall health, and not getting enough sleep has even been linked to overeating, according to ABC News’ senior medical contributor, Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Ashton appeared live on “Good Morning America” today to share why it is so important…