Sleep & Sports: Football’s Secret Sports Science, The Power of Sleep

Football’s Secret Sports Science: The Power of Sleep

Sleep could be the next frontier of sport science, with Europe’s top-flight teams turning to experts to recharge their multimillion-pound assets and gain a competitive advantage on the field. As reported by Mark Bailey of the teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid are recruiting “sleep coaches” to help their players snooze better.

Longer Sleep Associated with Lower BMI, Smaller Waist: Study

Longer sleep associated with lower BMI, smaller waist: Study

Longer sleep periods are associated with a lower body mass index and positive metabolic health markers, according to a study published Tuesday, with the researchers highlighting the role of sleep in the battle against obesity. Looking at over 1,600 participants, researchers from the University of Leeds in the U.K.

Could Insufficient Sleep Be Adding to Your Waistline?

Could insufficient sleep be adding centimeters to your waistline?

Adults in the UK who have poor sleep patterns are more likely to be overweight and obese and have poorer metabolic health, according to a new study. The findings showed that people who were sleeping an average of six hours a night had a waist measurement that was 3 cm greater than individuals who were getting nine hours of sleep a night.

Everything That Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Everything that happens to your body when you don’t get enough sleep

Sleep can be viewed as an inconvenience for some – think city traders, high on hubris, getting by on four hours. However, recent research by Wheaton College, Illinois has linked a poor and disrupted sleep with a higher risk of developing dementia – and it’s only the latest in a line of studies that have highlighted the benefits of a good night’s shut-eye.

How Exercise Affects Your Sleep: The Health Benefits of Exercise & Sleep

HEALTH: Exercise sleep benefits

When it comes to the impact that exercise has on sleep, there are significant benefits to be gained. Facts are that while physical activity helps to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes – as well as strengthening your muscles and bones and improving your mental health and mood, just to mention a few – it also improves sleep patterns.

Yin Yoga: Exploring the Restorative Benefits of Yoga Before Bedtime

yin yoga sleep instasleep

The moments before falling into bed can have a meaningful effect on the restfulness of your slumber. Yin yoga, a slow gentle practice that is beneficial for the release of connective tissues, is a wonderful starting point when exploring the restorative benefits of yoga.

Liz Lorinksy, an experienced yogi and teacher, joins us to share a brief “before bed” pose from the yin lineage of yoga.

“This practice requires patience and breath. In yin yoga we are targeting connective tissues of the body which are inelastic and lack the water content of muscle tissues which are more elastic and respond quicker to stimulation.”
– Liz Lorinksy

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Sleep Well and Stay Fit: Better Sleep Equals Better Workout

fit workout sleep instasleep

One night or many nights of bad sleep is proven to negatively impact a workout. According to the US National Sleep Institute, the quality of sleep that athletes get can be the main factor to their win. The quality of sleep you receive helps improve your decision-making skills, accuracy, and most importantly helps your body maintain its speed and endurance especially during a tough workout.

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